Lalitha Krishnamoorthy

Program Director, Strategic Partnerships and Developer Ecosystems @ IBM

Lalitha Krishnamoorthy is the Program Director for IBM’s Digital Business Group responsible for Strategic Partnerships and Developer Ecosystems. She leads the portfolio by working with partners and clients to invent strategic technology partnerships that demonstrate leadership in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science. She is also responsible for defining the key metrics for measuring the success of these strategic partnerships.

Lalitha began her career with IBM in 2001 then went on to hold a variety of leadership and management positions focused on strategic growth and development. She is a strong supporter of women in technology and mentors’ young women to pursue careers in STREAM areas. She is also actively involved in IBM Intellectual Property board and has earned two Patent Plateau Awards. She is a regular speaker at various conferences. She is passionate about the opportunity of exploiting the next generation of data science, analytics and technology to improve business decision making and the client experience.

Lalitha holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Computer Science.