Aurelian Dumitru

Senior Director - Enterprise Architecture, DevOps, and Hyper Scale Data Platforms (Nitro) @ CCC Information Services

With over 20 years of experience in designing and building everything from hyper scale data centers to Cloud, Big Data, and IoT solutions, Aurelian ‘AD’ Dumitru has been helping a variety of large and small companies gain competitive advantage and stay relevant in their particular markets.

An expert at identifying market opportunities, developing strategies and working across the organization, AD proved numerous times that business success and competitive advantage can be achieved only through strategic leadership, strong partnership and laser-focused execution.

A former startup owner, AD has the fairly unique blend of business, technical, and entrepreneurial skills to take initiatives from the proverbial “back of the napkin” to $MM full-fledged solutions.

AD’s industry expertise spans multiple verticals, including service providers, banking and financial services, retail, insurance, entertainment, academia, scientific research, logistics, telecommunications, and so on.

AD takes great pride in building outstanding teams and fostering leadership. Putting people ahead of anything else, creating growth opportunities, and getting them to take ownership are just a few of AD’s leadership principles.